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Maintenance service | By keeping a website or an extension (web app...

Maintenance service

Web Services - Website MaintenanceBy keeping a website or an extension (web application, module or content plugin) up-to-dated and fully optimized could be consisted of an optional service however it's really important. Maintenance service will be applied once we have successfully delivered all the required tasks and it will be executed at regular intervals per case. Finally it could even predict vulnerabilities that will be perceived over time.

Maintenance tasks

Pick any or all of the following tasks you wish for.

Optimize source code

This task is performed in order to reduce the overall load time. Apart from the optimized source code we'll check all the parameters (27 in total) that can negatively affect the performance of a website or an extension. It will be implemented once however we should execute it at regular intervals in case of content's update. So it depends on how often (frequency) the content will be updated.

Validate source code

This task will certificate a website based on international web standards (W3C). The same as 'optimize source code' task above, validation will be performed once however it may be executed at regular intervals depending on how often the content will be updated.

Update extensions

Important task as it could predict vulnerabilities or impart new functionality to the existing extensions (web applications, modules and content plugins). The update process should be executed with attention as there is the case where we try to update an already modified software.
- It will be executed at regular intervals.

Content management (add, remove, modify)

It will update the articles, delete the outdated information, enrich content with descriptions and more accurate keywords, correct any spelling error and generally improve the content which is the mirror for each website.
- It will be performed according to the needs.

Get full backup

Really important task for the maintenance service especially in case of data recovery due to shutdown. Shutdown may be caused by attack (hacking victim), power failure or hard drive’s destruction.
- It will be implemented at least once a month.

Finally any error that could cause a malfunction will be fixed just in time. Our monitoring system will find it out by checking the server's error logs and we'll avoid any disconnect event in this way.

The price of this service will be adapted according to the tasks we will take over as well the fact of how ofter they will be executed.

Request a quote for maintenance today and take the advantage of the tasks we provide to you all.