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Website Redesign

ReDesign a WebsiteApart from the services of web development, design and hosting we can also take over the redesign of your website. With this service we can make changes not only in appearance but also in functionality. Redesign service will also optimize the source code of your website according to the most recent standards of the internet.

The tasks that we could perform are:

  • Create new design (template) even adapted to portable devices (smartphones and tablets).
  • Add new functions or modify the existing ones with substantial improvements.
  • Manage the content like delete, modify and create new articles.

We have the experience and knowledge not only to redesign your website but also advise you of how it could be done.

Why the redesign service is important

This service is considered as mandatory over time especially for websites that are not updated. Only if we take as note the fact that Internet technologies are constantly evolving, then we clearly understand how important this service is. A site with outdated content, obsolete look and functionality that needs update leads to negative results as regards the ranking position in search engines and traffic reduction. This website will also be vulnerable to attacks as the installed software will be out of date.

Stages for implementing

Web redesign service use the same methodology as we follow in web development one. The only essential difference is located to the stage of collect information where we separate the tasks depending the actions. The available tasks are the design, functionality and content (as described above) and the relative actions are the one of creation, deletion and modification (optimization or apply updates depending the task).

Has the time come for your website's redesign? Request a quote and enjoy the tasks we offer!