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Client Support | Providing support to our clients is considered as ...

Client Support

Client SupportProviding support to our clients is considered as one of the most important service we offer once we have successfully delivered the tasks as initially had been assigned. This service is exclusively available to people who preferred us and it is pointed to anything we have delivered to them! It is completely free of charge and in certain cases available for 24 hours per day and 7 days per week (24/7).

Apart from supporting our existing customers, we provide consulting services to anyone is interested for.

Ways of communication

We present you 4 available modes of communication below. For your best and most direct response to your request please pick the most suitable one based on the priority of your message. The available statuses of priority are: Low, Medium and High.

Support Tickets

Submit your ticket while you have successfully logged in to the respective customers' area. The response time is usually no more than 3 hours however there are cases where it may be longer due to holidays.
- It is pointed to all requests with priority: Low, Medium and High.
- It is addressed to our clients only.

Communicate via e-messages

Send us a message via email using our email addresses: info[at]webgift[dot]org or info[at]webgift[dot]eu or submit the relevant contact form. We set 2 days as maximum response time however we usually respond within 6 hours.
- It is pointed to all requests with priority such as: Low, Medium and High.
- It is addressed not only to our clients but also to anyone who wish for.

Live Chat

We present you live chat as an alternative way of communication. Once we are available, a relative icon will be displayed at the bottom left area of your screen.
- This way is addressed to requests with low priority since usually messages with higher one require extensive analysis hence, more delay to our responses.

Via Phone

We exclusively offer communication by phone to customers who have trusted the hosting of their website-s. We are always available to response in calls with high priority only.

Request a phone call

For any other reason please submit the request a phone call form. One of our representative will call you just in day - time you wish!