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The is a new amateurish web-site mostly dedicated to the development of free and open-sourced software for everyone. In pages you will find truly useful software, for many of the known development platforms, mostly for our age's mainstream, the world wide web, and specifically for the content management system Elxis CMS. From interests of course is not excluded Linux, the "heart" of the open-sourced software community.

"There isn't any greater pleasure for an amateur artist having the opportunity to present his work in a beautiful and visually appealing environment. Webgift web services offered me the result i wanted on time and quality that surpassed all of my expectations, putting on me a high bar for projects that i will host on website from now on. I highly recommend the services, as found in the person of its executives a valuable partner."
Koutsoulelos Apostolos - (,Athens, Greece


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