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w3c validation

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  • 1. Redesign - Documentation area of Elxis CMS in section: Case studies
    Completed successfully the redesign service for the documentation site of Elxis CMS 4.x. It is developed based on a modified version of Ares template and it is now compatible with portable devices...
  • 2. Six website redesign mistakes to avoid in section: Official blog
    At some point in your website's life-cycle, it will likely be due for a #redesign. Whether you are looking to improve that site's visual appearance, add new features, or make a combination of these...
  • 3. Website Redesign in section: Extra services
    Apart from the services of web development, design and hosting we can also take over the redesign of your website. With this service we can make changes not only in appearance but also in...
  • 4. Templates - Themes in section: Design work
    The design of a prototype appearance (we call them as template or theme) is any tasteful data that a website could demonstrate to its visitors. For the implementation of this service, we work using...