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multiple hotels

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  • 1. Hotels Portal - B4bHotels.com in section: Case studies

    b for boutique Hotels is a new, fresh and modern hotel group with 2 urban design hotels in the metropolitan City of Athens. We are delighted to present this project to you as we launch the...
  • 2. Hotels Portal - Makkabooking.com in section: Case studies

    Makkabooking.com is an online hotel reservations system based on Makkah, Saoudi Arabia. It offers the best hotels in Makkah, Jeddah and Madinah locations at the lowest...
  • 3. Tourism - Remote bookings in section: Web development

    Our company offer you a unique and user-centric solution for those willing to acquire their own hotel bookings portal and at the same time would like to offer rooms availability forms and online...
  • 4. Hotels Portal - Escapeurope.com in section: Case studies

    Escapeurope.com™ , member of Z Hospitality Group, offers hotel reservations at competitive prices having served thousands of satisfied customers up to date. The negotiation skills of escapeurope.com,...