Your website is a digital extension of your brand and often the first stop for a potential client.

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Static website - My eProfile

Static website - My eProfileThe time has come for your website's creation and we know that we have to not only design it by following a range of tasks per case but also develop all these features that they will transform it into a fully functional. We define the combination of the design and development tasks as the most basic element for developing (build) a website. A wide range of needs will be covered by dividing web development section into plans (or packages).

In the first plan of this section, we are going to present the services of professionals having a restriction as regards the maximum number of inner pages that will be created. Static website or My eProfile will individually display the information you desire to website's visitors and the potential future customers of yours.

  • Responsive web design.
  • Logo design.
  • (Optional) Create a landing page using special scrolling effects.
  • Ability of adding up to 15 inner pages.
  • Contact form.
  • Sitemap.
  • Basic tasks for website's security.
  • Basic tasks for website's search optimization.
  • Basic tasks for website's performance optimization.

The cost for a static website amounts to 250.00€.

Extend the basic features above by implementing extra services as presented below!

Adjust the final cost by adding or removing features. Share  your ideas with us and we will make them true.

Request for a static website today or an offer by enriching it with extra services and enjoy the privileges we offer!

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