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Real Estate Agency | We could set the development of such package (...

Real Estate Agency

Real Estate web creationWe could set the development of such package (Real Estate Agent) as dynamic website however a relative web application must be implemented in order to manage the properties that will be hosted. Thus we separate that package in comparison with the other options that we have.
We are going to present you below the features that such an application will offer analyzing all the 'conveniences' you have in order to advertize the properties, your office's news, news of the real estate market and so much more.

General characteristics:

Responsive web design

Logo design

Submit content

Users can register on the website

Newsletters sending

Photo insertion

Creation of a specialized contact form


Remote e-mail management

Basic operations of website security

Website’s Search:

Basic operations for searching (google etc)

Input of the website in search engines


Website data statistics (24/7)!

System use training

Real estate administration application

Creation of infinite number of sections (Rentals, Sales, Requests etc)

Creation of infinite number of categories (studio apartment, two rooms flat, building site, cottage, villa, plat)

Infinite records of real estate

Simple and complex real estate search

Latest real estate presentation

Popular real estate presentation

Website’s visitors can comment the real estates

Website’s visitors can declare interest in any real estate

Visitor can send the real estate to a friend

Opportunities can be separated on a special category for visitors’ easiest navigation

Learning of the real estate registration and the administration of the application in general

The cost for real estate package amount to 800.00€

Extend the basic features above by implementing extra services as presented below!

Adjust the final cost by adding or removing features. Share your ideas with us and we will make them true.

Request for a real estate agency's website today or an offer by enriching it with extra services and enjoy the privileges we offer!