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Tourism - Remote bookings | Our company offer you a unique and use...

Tourism - Remote bookings

Tourism - Remote hotel bookings Our company offer you a unique and user-centric solution for those willing to acquire their own hotel bookings portal and at the same time would like to offer rooms availability forms and online remote reservation requests to hotels' website owners.

This solution is consist of two parts. The first is the server-side one where it will host all the proper data (hotels, rooms, availability, prices, services etc) and the second part will be the clients-side area of the server where in our cases there could be websites from hotels for all over the world. Theses website will be able to offer to their visitors online room availability forms and booking process! With such a way visitors of each hotel (clients) won't need to be on the server site in order to complete the reservation process that's why we called that package of website development section as remote bookings.

By choosing that package we will not only help hotels increase their profit through a direct sales strategy but also the administrator-s of the server to expand the range of their customers (hoteliers).

We quote you below a short description of two parts (server - clients) that must be developed in order to have a more clean point of view. Finally we will mention what a connectivity could offer in these two parts.

Server side

The server side should be able to host hotels so it is required a website development of hotels portal as it has been analyzed to the proper article of our website. The server's administrator has the option to hide or not hotels are hosted from the public view (front-end area) of his website as well as adjust the final result according to his needs.

The cost for the development of server side is notified when the requirements analysis process complete.

Client side

Client side in action can be any website without any limitation at all. Each client can get an account at the server's site in order to overview his bookings, add details for his hotel, manage rooms availability and prices etc. Οur company will be responsible to develop the proper software in each case separately in order to make the connection between clients and server successful.


The connection between the two parts can accomplish many tasks that can be used for multiple purposes like remote bookings, synchronization, data update and retrieval. Some of the available functionalities are:

View hotel's description, images, facilities and add-on services.

Check available rooms.

Book rooms/services.

Contact with hotel owner.

Get gallery images for rooms.

View calendar for each room with its availability and prices.

Extra services

Extend the basic features above by implementing extra services as presented below!

Adjust the final cost by adding or removing features. Share your ideas with us and we will make them true.

Request for remote booking engine today or an offer by enriching it with extra services and enjoy the privileges we offer!