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eCommerce Systems - My eShop

eshop website This is the most widely used plan for websites. A large amount of companies prefer the solution of an electronic shop world-widely depending on the type of services that they offer to their customers. In this way, they get the chance not only promote their company’s profile but also increase their sales through internet.

We present you below the basic features for the design and development tasks of an Eshop website.

  • Responsive web design.
  • Logo design.
  • Complete user management (create, register, edit, delete).
  • Newsletter.
  • Contact form.
  • Sitemap.
  • Basic tasks for website's security.
  • Basic tasks for website's search optimization.
  • Basic tasks for website's performance optimization.

eShop web application

  • Unlimited number for products' categories.
  • Unlimited levels for subcategories depending on each products' type.
  • Unlimited products.
  • Full management (creation, deletion, modification) for products' manufacturers.
  • Modifiers groups. Groups of members with different charges.
  • Advanced products' search functionality.
  • Search using products' types.
  • Assign tags/labels to each product (for better navigation).
  • Offers relative to available stock or due to an expiration date time.
  • Compare up to 4 products feature.
  • Add products to wish list option.
  • Full navigation/pagination experience.
  • WYSIWYG text editor.
  • Images can be uploaded to products' page.
  • Videos can be implemented in the product's description field.
  • 'Have seen' products feature.
  • Presentation for latest products .
  • Create discounts, coupons and gift certificates.
  • Create modifiers prices depending customer's group, different tax rates per region etc.
  • Unlimited currencies are supported.
  • Shipping methods and automatic calculation for each applied shipping method is also supported.
  • Open payments.
  • Express payments (complete payment process without login).
  • Payment gateways (paypal, moneybookers, bank deposit) are supported.
  • Sales reports per month/year and option for downloading them in CSV file format.
  • Active carts can now be managed by administrators.
  • Diagnostic tool for suggesting solutions to problems and fix incorrect configurations.
  • Export products in XML file format for price comparison sites or other usage.
  • RSS Feed generator for the latest products.

The cost of an eshop package amounts to 950.00€

Extend the basic features above by implementing extra services as presented below!

Adjust the final cost by adding or removing features. Share your ideas with us and we will make them true.

Request for eshop today or an offer by enriching it with extra services and enjoy the privileges we offer!

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