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eCatalog - My classifieds

eCatalog - My classifiedsWith My Classifieds package of website development section we are going present to you these features on which you could add entries to your website. We could call that package 'e-catalog' as well. Through this e-catalog we have the option of submiting an unlimited number of categories and classifieds, add maps with the use of google maps service to each ad (if necessary), instant express of interest to ad's owner by filling out a form and various other options as you can see below. 

Some of the categories that are suppoted by this package are:
1. Materials, such as paintings, books, magazines, electronic devices, tickets, clothing, cell phones, furniture, musical instruments, video games etc
2. Vehicles such as cars, car parts, bikes, bicycles, vessels etc
3. Teaching lessons, such as computer lessons, foreign languages, theatrical, music, dance etc
4. Services such as electronic devices repairing, article writing, article modifications, translations, moving services, health, exercising, beauty etc
5. Private-personal ads such as friends and dates search etc
6. Work classified


Responsive web design

Logo design

Submit unlimited number of categories of classifieds .

Submit unlimited number of ads.

Guests can register and then input classifieds in your website.

Registered users can submit infinite number of classifieds.

Registered users can pay through Paypal the e-catalog owner after a specific number of ad views.

Embedded user manager.

Classifeds can have photographic material.

Videos can be added (using Youtube services)

Embedded Multimedia Manager

Contact Form in every ad for communication with the ad owner.

Specified search form for the classifieds according to certain criteria (price range, location, ad has photos or not, etc).

Comments can be added on the classifieds and there is also an embedded manager that approves or not the comments.

Embedded e-mail and notifications manager.

Unlimited number of currencies can be supported.

New fields can be created on registered categories.

Capability to create and manage autonomous pages on your e-catalog such as terms of use, copyrights etc

Recent classifieds can be presented in e-catalog’s homepage.

Definition of viewed classifieds.

Guests can send the classifieds to their friends.

Classifieds can be re-posted in social network websites such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Input and generally e-catalog management tutorial.

Website Search tasks:

Basic Operations for searching.

Input of the website in search engines.


Website Statistics provided by Google Analytics service.

Statistics of registered users, classifieds, comments, and reports.

E-mail remote management.

Basic operations for website security.

Predefined- daily operations for e-catalog’s maintenance.

The cost of my classifieds plan amounts to 1000.00€

Extend the basic features above by implementing extra services as presented below!

Adjust the final cost by adding or removing features. Share your ideas with us and we will make them true.

Request for your own classifieds' website today or an offer by enriching it with extra services and enjoy the privileges we offer!