Why we love Elxis CMS

Many of you will wonder now reading the title what is this? Others of you may feel familiar with that as definition or you have a complete point what is going on and feel meaningless reading the article. On the other hand we feel pleasure and as a little satisfaction we can share you the reasons why we love and use it in almost daily basis. Initially it's right to mention that Elxis is a system developed in order to provide a modern and flexible tool for both developers, designers, analysts and web site owners.

The system is provided for free under license Elxis Public License (E.P.L) with primary purpose of managing the content (articles and categories) however the fully developed structure of its core (framework) allow us to extend it by adjusting to our needs.

Well you say but i have not figured out what is the Elxis CMS

Elxis is a free Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to easily create websites of any scale from small personal websites and blogs to complex corporate websites and portals without the need of having programming skills.

The enemy of the good is the best
The enemy of the good is the best!

Why should i choose it in comparison with the other CMSs (joomla, wordpress);

Because we are supporters of Open Source code and intelligently structured and developed software. We love not only to develop but also to customize the system to your needs. We love the innovation and we are so hardworking and patient, although we are Greeks! Finally, the professionals who use Elxis are specific and unique.

Why Elxis have a limited number of extensions in comparison with other communities?

We could mention 3 reasons here. The first in the limited number of developers which we do not worry as it's a matter of time its spreading, the second because the provided extensions cover 2 and 3 extensions (as for their features) as provided in other communities and third, some of the extensions in other communities have already been included to the core of Elxis CMS. Have you ever realized why the core feature of elxis are not provided in other communities?

Comfort is the enemy of achievement
Comfort is the enemy of achievement!

Elxis History

Elxis CMS born on December 2005 and its first release, Elxis 2006.0, was on June 2006. Read more about all Elxis releases and the history of Elxis in the Elxis 200x.x series page.

From where can i find more information about?

The network is: 1. Official website of Elxis CMS, 2. Forum, 3. Elxis Download Center and 4. Documentation.

That's why so we love Elxis CMS. Because it's unique, fully developed, secured, fully optimized relative to its competitors, compatible with mobile devices, serves the HTML documents as the search engines would like to read and finally it consists of people who have made their hobby... their profession.

The choice is yours, the desire to meet everyone need is ours!


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