The Importance Of Good Website Architecture

Search Engine Optimisation has now become a key requirement in any web design. As the importance of SEO is on the rise, good website architecture has become more important. Unfortunately, a lot of web development companies place more emphasis on graphic design and layout and in the end fail to produce a robust and valid architecture. It should be understood that website architecture stands as the backbone of the complete development. Good architecture produces sound foundations for a user friendly site that benefits the owner, visitor and the search engines.

Below are a few points to aid you when considering how to go about structuring a new website.

Simple Web Design

When designing website architecture, the first thing to do is to make sure it is simple. Build a structure that is easily understandable by other web designers, individuals and search engines.

When designing your websites architecture there are certain web standards published by W3C that you should look to use and be compliant with. You can check if your current website is compliant by using the W3C validation service. Achieving Compliance with these standards means that your website functions the same way for the search engine robots as it does for your human visitors.

Thinking Ahead
A website should be created with its users in mind. Try to design the website around the principle that a 5 year old child and a pensioner should be able to navigate the site in a similar fashion. The menu systems, usage and placement of colors and content, internal links and all the other factors have to be considered. Different people respond in different ways so it is an impossible to create a website that is appreciated by everyone. However, the site should be designed focusing on a particular audience…. Your Customers.

Search Engine Friendly Architecture

It is very clear that a search engine cannot crawl over a graphic image or an animation. Which is why I am still baffled by the number of websites that are developed in Adobe Flash.

Well-designed architecture makes it easy to add content and update the website. Search engines love regular and fresh content. Well formed H1 and H2 tags coupled with Meta-descriptions, help the search engines to understand what your website is about. We have covered this further in Designing Search Engine Friendly Websites

Final Word

Taking the above points into consideration and using them as a basis for your website architecture will help you to produce more efficient and longer lasting web solutions.


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