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  • 1. The Best Five Free FTP Clients in section: Official blog
    Transferring files to and from your web host or server is best done with what’s commonly known an FTP client, though the term is a bit dated because there are more secure alternatives such as SFTP...
  • 2. Let's encrypt! Free SSL certificates in section: Official blog
    Yes, Let's Encrypt is now one step closer to its goal of offering Free HTTPS certificates to everyone. Let's Encrypt  – the free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA) – has announced that...
  • 3. Press News module upgraded in section: Press releases
    WG Press News module has been upgraded to 2.0 version for Elxis 2009.x. Furthermore functionality-appearance has been added. It is now supported from eForum and IOS Bubbles applications of Elxis...