Facebook Commerce - Does it work ?

Facebook Commerce - Does it work ?The short answer? Yes!

The long answer?Yes, but while social commerce is e-commerce, you have to think about your social commerce efforts a little differently.

Time for an analogy!

John is driving 70 miles per hour on the Interstate and has a 28-minute drive to visit his girlfriend. During this commute he passes 390 billboards. Each billboard has only seconds to get John’s attention. John’s not entirely focused on the billboards as he’s listening to the radio and, hopefully, focusing on the road. Your brand is advertising on one of the billboards. How are you going to grab John’s attention?

Facebook is the Interstate your fans are driving on, and those fans are “driving” an average of 28 minutes each, per day. Your post is one of 390 “billboards” that passes by every day on an average user’s News Feed. That’s a lot of competition!

A Successful Social Commerce Campaign

1. Product – Create a product, service, or offering that you can develop a campaign around. Try to focus in on a specific product, or bundle. Notice how McDonald’s doesn’t advertise their entire menu on a billboard?
2. Packaging – Package this product so it is compelling! What sets this apart from other deals?
3. Create a Sense of Urgency – How do you accomplish this? Limited quantity, limited time, limited editions, or discounted prices are just a few ways.
4. Post Often – Your “billboard” may only be viewed by a small percentage of your fan base today. Post often and at different times of the day to reach your entire fan base.

Think of your campaigns as grabbing John’s attention on the social commerce Interstate and you’ll begin seeing great results.

Source : socialmediatoday.com


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