Documentation for Elxis 4.x

Elxis 4.x has now its own documentation site! At you will find documentation for both Elxis usage and for developers. Under Using Elxis you will find articles related to administering an Elxis 4.x web site while for newbies we have created a special section Getting started with Elxis. Elxis libraries, how-to tutorials, usage examples and tips are presented on the developers documentation to help you built your own extensions for Elxis CMS. The documentation site is a work in progress. We continiously enrich it with new guides and tutorials.


Elxis 4.0 stable version

A stable version for Elxis 4.0 Nautilus is finally available! After a few months of alpha and beta versions the stable version is here. This version includes bug fixes, improvements, library updates, new interface languages and a few new features. Along with the stable version an update patch for all beta versions was also released and you can download it from EDC. Since version 4.0 rev1358 Elxis has multilingual XML parameters and a new configuration option named SITELANGS. This new option allows you to limit the displayed languages in Elxis frontend only to specific ones (the default option is to use all available languages). With the release of the stable version we strongly encourage you to download and use Elxis 4.0 instead of the old series 2009.3. Happy downloads!

Source - Download Elxis CMS 4.0 rev:1358:

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