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Web Applications - Components

Components - Web ApplicationWeb Applications (Components) are the basic element (extension) for a website. We mentioned earlier at modules' development article that one application is running under the main content. In other words, an application is the summary of all the features a website can have for its future existance over the interent.

It may have infinite capabilities, however the key of success is lying on the stages of Requirements' Analysis report and Model Design that each web application will use.

We use the worldwide design model M-V-C (Model View Controller) for each application development process, emphasizing in View and Controller stages.

Model View Controller Web application design
Model-View-Controller Software Pattern

We define as View part any elegant element an application can present not only to public but also to individual areas for users like f.e: administrators. The HTML source code is generated at this part of MVC pattern. Conversely Controller will route the processes of receiving/sending requests. More specifically controller will receive requests and afterwards will guide Model to perform operations based on the information received by the user.

A website consists of at least one application.

We develop web applications by using the world-known server side language scripting of PHP, pointed to specifically in Object Oriented Programming philosophy.

A specialized web application may need up to 6 months for its completion. Our company have already developed applications under commercial licenses after its clients' request.

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