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Content Plugins - Bots | Webgift dev™ offers to anyone interested a...

Content Plugins - Bots

Content Plugins - BotsWebgift dev™ offers to anyone interested additional extensions' developments using the term of: content plugins for Elxis CMS exclusively! In the older version of Elxis (200x.x) content management system we used the term of 'bot' however from now on we present you Content Plugins as the replacement of bots.

Content plugins' definition

Content plugins defines the extra functionality that we can give inside of one article. Do you want a map to be appeared in a new article with the whereabouts of your hotel's location? Are you interested for a contact form or would you like to give the chance to your guests read directly a PDF or DOC file, present a photo gallery or a youtube video? For these types of features we use now Content Plugins! Webgift has developed a vast variety of this type of extensions during all these years!

So if you would like us to develop a content plugin, then please fill the 'Request a Quote' form out.

Difference between content plugins and modules

At this point we consider necessary to mention the difference between content plugins and modules. Although both these extensions offer extra functionalities, content plugins are executed only under articles (in content's component) while modules can be presented in any place (module positions) of a website.

This service is pointed to administrators or companies who use Elxis CMS.