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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web DesignThe mobile device is taking over the web surfing activities rapidly each year. But a large number of websites are still not adopting for tablet or mobile device users yet. Therefore a large number of visitors are still getting poor experience. If we take a look at Google Analytics, you will experience the amount of mobile device visitor and what are you loosing. The Responsive web design approach should be your best choice to grasp all different visitor across the globe. Responsive web design is a latest technique to develop websites where the web server always transfer the same HTML to all devices, and advance CSS to handle the precise layout for all screen resolutions. Actually, Responsive web design is a latest web design approach which renders the most precise viewing experience to the visitor depending on different screen resolutions and devices.

SEO benefits of responsive web design (rwd) version

RWD is recommended by Google now, switching your website to responsive design will help you to capture visitor searching from mobile devices. The site quality is one of the big ranking factor for Google. If a visitor finds a site through mobile search, but the site is not optimized for mobile devices, the bounce rate should be less; therefore, Google will not be rank that unutilized website for mobile device. The more you can get visitor, the more your rank will be higher. A disadvantage of mobile sites is that you have to optimize the mobile site separately from the main site; which is much difficult, expensive and time consuming process. Where a responsive site bundle booth ideas together and optimized across all devices for search.

Responsive web design
Responsive web design service

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Save your time and money

Obviously, responsive web design save your money and time, you don’t have to develop separate mobile site if you adopt responsive web design.

Excellent user experience

Responsive web design is about providing the finest user experience for different devices like desktop computer, smartphone, tablet etc. Therefore user will always experience the best layout for all screen sizes.

Easier to manage website

The key advantage a responsive website is managing single website. Having separate website for desktop and mobile requires separate SEO campaigns and contents, which is much time consuming and expensive. Managing one responsive website and one SEO campaign is far easier than.

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