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Images to HTML conversion | We are pleased to announce one more se...

Images to HTML conversion

Images to HTML conversion We are pleased to announce one more service regarding website design. We present you a task where several clients of us have expressed their interest in involving to the design of their website by sending us a specific number of images! To be more clear, the interested party may send us images in any file format  (jpg, png, gif, psd, bmp etc.) by setting us with this way how the website would look like!

We will convert these files into a fully functional and high quality design, cross-browser compatible with W3C standards XHTML5 or HTML5/CSS markup. This design can be used later either as a template for Elxis CMS or single HTML pages.

Apart from the design of your home page you should also send us images that focus on inner pages (if exist). We can clearly now separate the requirements regarding the design of your website and we will be able to directly present you the ultimate result.

By having the appearance of your interest, this service brings essential financial gain, since the data are directly defined by the images.

Send us up to 5 images to the email address: info(at)webgift(dot)org and a representative of us will guide you in further.


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