Our most basic steps of creativity!

1. Collect information

Information CollectionIn the topic of Methodology we will analyze, as thoroughly as possible, the stages we take over till the time of presenting the result to our clients and to the prospective users. We call them as theoretical planning of a project or task. It is appropriate to refer the stages to our guests making thus known some ingredients of our success that we have set as a web design company and we follow in daily basis.

The first stage for a new project or task is to collect the accurate information we need in order to define the requests of our clients. In collaboration with them we seek all the necessary elements that they desire to be included.

Our experience allow us to separate the desired information from the unwanted result. However it is considered as really important the fact that customers share with us what really like or wish by giving us the best available description.

At this stage there are techniques such as filling out a special questionnaire, show us other websites (as samples) that may like as well as recommendations from our side. Deemed sufficiently important stage and needs special attention. Faulty intelligence will cause us delay and it could either present a wrong result due to misinterpretation or failure to mention tasks. Omitting tasks from the begging will change the final plan thus the initial estimated cost.