Our most basic steps of creativity!

3. Design and development phase

Design-OperationsWhen we generate the requirements' analysis report to anyone interested and only if there is an agreement, we are ready to start working with design and development tasks for the project. At this stage of methodology, we initially execute the design tasks and thereafter we proceed to their implementation (development phase).

Design Phase

The list of requirements that is presented earlier can be used to make design choices. In the design phase, one or more designs are developed, with which the project result can apparently be achieved. Depending on the subject of the project, the result of the design phase can include sketches, flow charts, HTML screen designs and UML schemas. The project supervisors use these designs to choose the definitive design that will be produced in the project. This is followed by the development phase. Once the design has been chosen, it cannot be changed in a later stage of the project.

Development Phase

During the development phase, everything that will be needed to implement the project is arranged. From now on any single element of the definitive design will acquire the corresponding functionality hence all these functions will give life to the project.