Our most basic steps of creativity!

5. Integrating tasks and corrections

Integrating tasks and correctionsWhen the content's management process is completed, we move to the next stage which is 'integrating the last tasks and fixes'. More specifically we perform optimizations and bug fixes. We also validate the source code using the proper tools such as XHTML or HTML5 Validation for document types and others based onW3C prototype.

We also use all basic techniques that are relative to search engine optimization (SEO) service of one project as well we activate your site's security with highly confidential methods.

Closing this state, we send login details to our client. We are ready to read their reviews as well perform the last desired changes in order to present this project to public.

It is considered a sufficiently important stage not only for its' maintenance but also for its' promotion in the near future. We have observed during these years, experts made several errors in the undertaken projects so the maintenance or future upgrade to be quite difficult.