Tasks course report

Tasks course reportIn this article we would like to inform you about the tasks we take part in, for several months. Webgift web services participate in a high-demanding open-source project, which according to the time schedule will be published in the following months. It is the Elxis CMS content management system, with the code name "Nautilus". The 4th generation of this CMS will be available to download for everyone who is interested and we are particularly happy that we are a part of this.

As you can see from time to time in the "Current Projects" module to the right of our website, we have taken on various sections. Now we work on the public part of the management system, while in the past we have covered the development of the public part's basic modules and also the development of the multimedia management application that addresses to the website's administrators.

All the above require several hours of research, analysis, development and implementation, but the will to create and evolve can surpass any obstacle that we encountered.

At this point we would like to thank the isopensource.com company, mr. Ioannis Sannos, who with his guidance and his general contribution, has helped us greatly all these months and also the rest of the community's team for the excellent cooperation.

A few words about Elxis CMS - Nautilus

The Elxis CMS is a content management system, fully developing and instantly evolvable. In the past, the security that gives to the users-professionals and also the searching (SEO system), has put it among the top CMSs of the world. Luckily for us, the above 2, aren't the only reasons that we recommend to the specialists-companies to use it.

The Elxis CMS Nautilus is developed with fully object-oriented programming and is remarkable to mention that has been written manually from scratch! Only 0,01% is from exterior libraries imports.

Several functions that we haven't seen in any other management system have been embedded and also the information structure which is presented to the final user has been altered, making it a friendly environment.

It's a Greek effort and it would be a great satisfaction for us, that the country's professionals make the right choice from now on.

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