In this article we have compiled some frequently asked questions splitting into categories.

Webpage Design-Construction Services

All you have to do is fill the “Request an offer” form. Without any further commitment.

You can see the process followed thoroughly in the “Theoretical Webpage Programming” section.

Depending on the client’s needs and the payment coherence for the services we offer, the webpage implementation doesn’t exceed 90 days.

Through PayPal or deposit in a bank account.

In case of upgrade/redesign, your options are limitless! Besides appearance you can give your webpage functionality or choose a highly-dynamic (content management by you) webpage.

The Company takes on article recording on 2 cases: 1.Static webpage construction 2. Webpage maintenance from us. In any other case, article recording is clients’ responsibility.

On this case we train you. Training duration is 2 hours, absolutely free of charge. After these 2 hours passes the cost of training is determined per hour

For webpage maintenance the services offered are:
-Content recording
-Monthly backup
-Check for webpage correct operation
-Error check
-Data recovery in case of error
-Client service for any questions.

The cost of website's maintenance is determined per hour after we have completed all the tasks of your website. Read analytically ...

Domain Name- Webpage Hosting

Domain Name is the webpage’s address on the internet. Every webpage in the world has a unique address. For example webgift’s is “www.webgift.gr”, so our internet address is “www.webgift.gr”. You can use com,org,net extensions. WebGift Web Services can find a Domainname easily and quickly using our Domainname registration process (with security).

A modern business needs its own Domainname. Not only because it’s considered one of the most powerful advertizing factors, but because it’s an actual part of your company’s identity. This way more and more clients will acquire a clear and positive image for your company and want to collaborate with you professionally. Read more

Webhost is the web area where your webpage’s files are hosted. A webpage can have from 50 to 5000 files-images etc. This web area is nothing more than a computer which is online 365 days a year, giving your guests the capability to visit your webpage any time they want.

Certainly. All you have to do is contact with us on info(at)webgift(dot)gr

Just to fill the “order host package” form.

Yes, you can type your address with or without using “www” in front of the domainname.

CGI scripts (CommonGatewayInterface) provide tools, such as visit counters, visit log and many more. You can write your own scripts, operate a third-party script or use an existing one. If you have a CGI script that you want to use on your webpage you can load it on CGI-BIN.

Bandwidth is the monthly flow of requests-answers made by your webpage’s guests on the server. More guests means more bandwidth requirements. So it’s a pretty important parameter for a webpage.


If the payment is through credit card or PayPal, the account will be ready on the same day (except from holidays). If the payment is with deposit on a bank account, the account will be ready as soon as we get the payment confirmation. When your account is ready, you will be informed with an email and the user-id and password will be sent to you.

Every content of your webpage must be 100% legal. Webpages related with terrorism, copyrights violation, theft, phreaking, crimes and software piracy are NOT ACCEPTED.

Provided Services.

Yes. Every virtualserver has its own CGI-BIN directory.

Yes, you can do that through ControlPanel.

We provide FTP access but not anonymous, for security reasons.

No. You can update your webpage as many times you want, whenever you want.



We use MySQL.

With every host package we offer the known application phpmyadmin.net.

No. It is included in every package, without any extra charge.

Linux. It provided absolute system stability, rescuing us from unwanted and high-cost losses and damages.


Any POP-client can be used, any program that can download files from our servers to your computer.

Of course. After your account creation, you can read your emails with 3 popular applications.

Every email customization/change is possible with your domain ControlPanels and in particular on UserAccounts>Add/EditUser.

An Autoresponder is a program which when a specific email address receives a message, it sends a default answer to the sender automatically. You can define autoresponders without any further charge.

With email alias when someone sends you an email in an address which is not created or doesn’t exist, the email will be forwarded automatically to a pre-defined individual. It can be more than one persons. That way you can receive every email destined for your webpage with any prefix (anything@myname.gr). You can create as many email alias you want, without any further charge.

Server Statistics

Yes. With every host package, we provide a statistics program which is accessible with the ControlPanel.

Certainly. With every webpage construction package, we provide statistics through GoogleWebmaster web application.

If you have any further questions, you can visit our knowledgebase or you can contact with us

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