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Hardware and Software Technologies

Hardware-Software TechnologiesWe use high-quality technologies from both hardware and software views. Our main goal is to deliver the absolute and essential result to our customers. So:


We base on a high-speed network, specially designed for data transfer (known as Transfer Layer).Our servers are connected in different and independent connections. So we can be sure that our services are not depended on one, single network, and the client doesn't have to worry about his website.

For those who are aware of the above, we have to mention that: Hardware-based Quality of Service (QOS) lies on Transfer Layer and is affected by the following parameters: a. Possibility of failure in connection's installation, b. Transfer Delay, c. Protection, d. Priority and e. Network's resistance.

We are totally familiar with all the above and we ensure with our experience, the secured functionality of the network and therefore of the files that are hosted on it. One website may have more than 3000 files.

You can view at any time the live status information of our servers as well as the current or scheduled network outages.! (Such features are only available to our clients only).


We work with image, video-editing and also source code developing, very popular programs. With our knowledge and experience we have chosen the programs that give a wonderful result!

Of course, those programs mean nothing without the experts' presence.

In terms of code and security we use Object Oriented Programming technique, mainly with PHP.

Some theoretical definitions of Object Oriented Programming that we notice daily are: Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism. Code's security with Object Oriented Programming (theoretical approach) underlies in the fact that one operation-object is written once and is called-inherited as many times as we need it, on the contrary with the conventional programming’s philosophy. Result: security leaks.

So we define, 1. the quality of our provided services, 2. the expertise and 3. the constant need of seeking new challenges in the internet, the basic ingredients of webgift web services existence.

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